2014 - Saudi Arabia:
Though present through associates and agents, Marina has targeted many cities for the launch of its products and services directly and the work is already underway. By the close of the year it will be fully operational.

2015 - UK:
Thorough strategic tie ups, Marina has already paved its way for its operations in major cities of UK which will be commissioned in the early 2015.

2016 - Russia:
Negotiations, Tie ups, and Identification of production facilities are some of the hectic activities in the coming years to see Marina presence in the vast Russia by the early 2016.

About Us

Almost 12 years into existence ‘Marina’ has traversed many trodden and untrodden paths, in familiar and unfamiliar terrains. A fair degree of success inspired Marina to venture out wilder pastures through diversifications.

Presence in 40 countries, 200 handpicked professionals in diverse fields, Global leaders as clients and its own niche in retail solution providers market are not enough for Marina to get contented, as the goal is much higher.

Marina has proved that right brains can make technology and tradition go in tandem. Marina handles businesses in diverse geographical regions catering to different ethnicity. Even with high level of adaptability backed by thorough professionalism it seems a difficult task. But the experience garnered through its various enterprises is handy in solving any conundrum.

Socially responsible employee friendly work culture at Marina is conducive enough to bring out the best of each employee which in turn gives each client a higher level of satisfaction. Marina changes your experience with it to your advantage...

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